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Oeuvres récentes

Landscapes / Paysages

_The Closing on a Dream R-WEB (1).jpg

              Out of Reach, Pitteadie, Fife.
              oil on board  130x100cm 2021

             Kilchoan Loch,  Argyll,  Scotland.   
                             Oil   38x38cm
Yellows and Greens on kilchoan Loch.jpg
  Evening Descending on Kilchoan Loch,                             oil     25x20cm
Fleating Ray of Sun on Eilean Coltair,Ki

Eileen Coltair, Kilchoan, Argyll
           oil 40x30cm 2015


Eilean Coltair, Kilchoan,Argyll.          oil 58X38cm 2015

    Looking Inwards
        oil 35x25cm
The Gate, Pitteadie
   The Gate, Pitteadie, Scotland
                   oil  45x35cm
Early Summer Morning, Fife.
  Early Summer Morning, Pitteadie, Fife.                           oil on board 2007
       Enveloped In Clematis and Loss,
     Charcoal/Fusain,   180x90cm 2019
Into The Covering
   Dark Secrets Beyond 
    Charcoal 180x80cm
    Go Catch the Light Before it Goes
              180x60cm Charcoal
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